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Potential Post-doc, Students, and Collaborators


At the present time I am running a research program based primarily in Kibale National Park, Uganda that focuses on primate behaviour and ecology, forest restoration, and elephant impacts on forest dynamics. Much of my research is aimed to address conservation issues and I work closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to apply the conservation theory we develop. My personal current research efforts involve using long-term data from Kibale to address a variety of questions on forest dynamics, equilibrium theory, climate change, and primate population stability.

I am presently limiting my training efforts to Post-docs and student from Uganda (i.e., no Masters or Ph.D. students working at McGill, unless they are co-supervised (often with Raja Sengupta in Geography). I do this because Canada and the world are producing too many Ph.Ds. for the jobs that are available. Thus, I believe I can contribute more effectively by helping those that have Ph.Ds. to get Post-docs and then a job. My Philosophy with Post-docs is that the person does not have to work on my project, rather I give them the intellectual freedom to explore whatever interests them, as longs as I can help someway.

With respect to collaborators, I am always happy to explore new opportunities as long as I can contribute something significant and it is a fun adventure.

Feel free to get in touch with me via email and consider visiting my lab here at McGill.