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Potential Graduate Students


* In Fall 2018 all the positions that I can offer at the Post-doc and a Ph.D. student levels have been filled or the list of potential list of applicants is complete.

At the present time I am running a research program based primarily in Kibale National Park, Uganda, but I am also working at our new field station at Lake Nabugabo, Uganda.  My program focuses on primate behaviour and ecology, forest restoration, and elephant impacts on forest dynamics. Much of my research is aimed to address conservation issues and I work closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to apply the conservation theory we develop. My personal current research efforts involve using long-term data from Kibale to address a variety of questions on forest dynamics, equilibrium theory, climate change, and primate population stability.

If you are interested in joining my lab I would encourage you to read some of my recent papers and then consider what aspects of my research program interest you most.  I give my students a great deal of intellectual freedom in selecting research topics, so feel free to think creatively and see what my former students have done.  Once you have some ideas, contact me and we can start a correspondence.  I limit the number of students that I accept, so I can help my students financially (research in Africa tends to be expensive and I help out) and I like to give each student a great deal of my time.  For all students that I accept I give a financial commitment to cover tuition and provide a living stipend (see

Feel free to get in touch with me via email and consider visiting my lab here at McGill.

               All the best.



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